Cook Capital Fund Team

Founder & CEO

Dean Cook

Dean Cook is the chief executive officer and founder of Cook Capital Fund. Dean has been investing in real estate for over five years and has built, sold and/or manages a portfolio valued at approximately $30 million. This portfolio includes investments owned by himself and investors in the Cook Capital equity funds.

Leadership Team
Andrew Woodard Civil Engineer
Andrew Woodard is the founder and CEO of Woodard Group. Woodard Group strives to build a community that they take pride in. They are passionate about providing civil engineering and survey services to solve problems and help dreams become a reality.
Mario Gallo Advisory Board Member
Mario Gallo has over 20 years of experience in business, Fortune 500 sales, and marketing. He provides consulting and advisory services for the development and promotion of private syndication funds, establishing key relationships with renowned property owners, developers, entrepreneurs, and capital market resources across the nation.

Carson Bean Administrative Coordinator
Carson Bean holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Arizona State University. As the administrative coordinator, she oversees the day-to-day operations, handles plan submittal, project entitlements, and pulling permits.

A unique approach to income generation

We took a look at the typical investor journey and knew something had to change. We are creating a fundamental paradigm shift by providing investors access to investments previously available to the top 1%.