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About Cook

Cook Capital Fund is a real estate development fund proudly built on the trust of our investors. At Cook Capital we have the experience and expertise from acquisition to development to management.

Our development philosophy is data-driven and disciplined to provide the type of returns that our investors are seeking in both a bull or bear market. We are a proven performer with a passion for finding the next project for our investors.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver consistent results to clients, be the preferred investment partner in the industry, and continue expansion into growing markets nationwide.

Sustainable Wealth Materialized


Cook Capital Fund is positioned to deliver superior results to investors. Cook is uniquely structured as a vertically integrated company so operations are streamlined and costs are contained. Cook is able to provide a consistent, excellent experience for investors both in returns and customer service.


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which covers expenses and provides cash flow to the owners.


Property cash flow services the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more cash flow in your pocket.


You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.


Real estate typically appreciates in value faster than inflation.

Join Cook Capital today, and join a community built on trust.

We took a look at the typical investor journey and knew something had to change. We are creating a fundamental paradigm shift by providing investors access to investments previously available to the top 1%.

The founder

Dean Cook is the chief executive officer and founder of Cook Capital Fund. Dean has been investing in real estate for over 5 years and has built, sold and/or manages a portfolio valued at approximately $30 million. This portfolio includes investments owned by himself and investors in the Cook Capital equity funds. 

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